Andrew Neil Sherman, CEO

Andrew was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. His interest in private education, Latin America, and language development are products of his personal experience, academic preparation and professional experiences.

Mr. Sherman taught elementary, middle and high school students in a variety of settings and has also served as a community college instructor and university professor. Mr. Sherman is actively involved in school improvement efforts and accreditation in Latin America as a Consultant and Quality Assurance Review Team member for AdvancED. With AdvancED, Andrew served two consecutive three-year terms as Vice-Chair of the Committee on International Schools, permitting his involvement in schools in more than a dozen countries. He was a board member of the Texas Alliance for Accredited Private Schools and currently sits on the Board of Trustees of the Tomas de Berlanga Experimental School on the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador). Mr. Sherman participates in community activities and is personally committed to a number of local civic associations. Andrew was President of the Board of the American Society of Mexico and also worked with different committees of the American Chamber of Commerce during his tenure in Mexico City.

Mr. Sherman earned a graduate degree in International Education at Harvard University. His other academic work includes advanced graduate studies in Latin American History, Organizational Leadership and Educational Administration. Andrew received a Fulbright Fellowship for international study and lived in Costa Rica. He was also a fellow at the Klingenstein Center for Private Education at Columbia University.

Andrew has led three different school communities in Latin America. In Mexico City, Andrew was College Dean and Headmaster of Westhill Institute, a for-profit U.S. accredited preschool to university, multilingual educational institution serving an international student population. At Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador, a private international preparatory school focused on providing primarily an Ecuadorian student population an English based Liberal Arts education, Mr. Sherman. as the Chief Education Officer, led efforts to open a new market in Guayaquil, Ecuador and develop an internationally minded, U.S. accredited, multi-campus school system. As Superintendent at the American School of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Andrew worked to inject new energy through an institutional identity campaign, competitiveness study and branding platform to reposition an eighty year-old school in high-end niche market.

Patiently supported by a wonderful teacher and a terrific wife of twenty years, Tisa Rodriguez, Andrew also enjoys his time as a father to Sofia Salome and Ilan Cayetano, proud citizens of both the United States and Mexico.

Andrea Penn Buffara, COO

Andrea Buffara is a global citizen. Born in Recife, Brazil, she traveled the world from an early age as the daughter of a US Foreign Service Officer. Thus, the world was her backyard. She lived in many cities all over the world that spanned many different continents including the far away country of Vietnam.  This mobility has given Andrea the ability to be adaptive and flexible and she has assimilated many cultures into her own.  Andrea experienced multiple transitions growing up and it is no wonder she gravitated back to working the field of international education after completing her graduate studies.

Andrea  has been a teacher for most of her professional career.  She is a licensed educator that holds a BA from Barnard College/Columbia University, a M.Sc. in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and most recently an ED.M from Teacher’s College/Columbia University in Education Leadership with a concentration in Private School Leadership.    She has held teaching positions at both Graded School in SP Brazil and EARJ in Rio de Janeiro.   As a teacher, Andrea has always worked with learning disabled students and special populations.  This interest arose from the need to support her own child with dyslexia and it transformed itself into a lifelong passion.

One of the aspects of her job that led her to develop an interest in college counseling was the support she gave to LD high school students who were trying to prepare competitively for college admissions. This sparked an interest in college counseling in general that was further enhanced when her children went through the arduous process themselves. Andrea embarked once again on preparing herself academically to better serve her students.   As studying abroad has become more commonplace, she saw that there was a lack of well -trained individuals who could help prospective students navigate the college admissions process in Brazil.  She enrolled at UCLA extension where she received her College Counseling Certificate in 2012.

Andrea views herself as a progressive educator and has engaged in continuous professional development over the years. The Klingenstein Center, where she was awarded a fully funded fellowship as an early career teacher to spend a summer, has shaped her views of education. Andrea’s drive and commitment to learning have led her to leadership positions at EARJ where she became Principal for both the Middle School and High School.  Andrea has always worked as a change agent to improve teacher practices and student outcomes.  She enjoys helping teachers become more effective leaders in the classroom.  Andrea is a lifelong learner and most recently she led  assessment reform at EARJ.  Current interests lie  in the area of cognition, thinking and understanding and  deeper learning.

Andrea is grateful for the loyal support afforded by Claudio her unique husband of 27 years. She is the mother of Sophia, a budding architect, and Ricardo a passionate environmentalist,  that both give her great pride and joy.

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