Educational Entrepreneurship

Educational entrepreneurship is on the rise.  According to a recent Forbes Magazine  article a number of former public school teachers in the United States left their steady teaching positions to launch micro-schools. One might wonder why someone would give up a consistent paycheck with health insurance and retirement benefits for the risk of owning aContinue reading “Educational Entrepreneurship”

No Anti-Bullying Policy: Focusing on Building Healthy Relationships

Written by: Andrew Sherman We seek out and are motivated by positive social interactions. We are social by nature and want to connect with others and feel affiliated to groups, organizations and communities beyond our individual existence. When we navigate interpersonal relationships well we find happiness and personal success. The construction of positive relationships isContinue reading “No Anti-Bullying Policy: Focusing on Building Healthy Relationships”

What is homework when students are working from home?

Written by: Andrew Sherman, CEO What is homework when students are working from home all day long? At Colegio Menor,  we have been discussing how to answer this question during virtual learning, when all school work is  actually “homework.” At the leadership team level, we discussed aligning our thinking to research-based practices that demonstrate limited orContinue reading “What is homework when students are working from home?”

Green Ninja Film Festival

Today we are celebrating! Our 7th Grade students’ video was selected as a finalist for the Green Ninja Film Festival (GNFF)! GNFF is an international festival that encourages young adults to create films about environmental solutions.EAV congratulates all students and teachers engaged in this amazing project.#Greenninja #globaleducation #internationalschools