Gamut has more than 25 years of experience with investment and school development in Latin America.  We possess significant regional operations, government regulatory experience, and deep knowledge of culture, policies, and procedures impacting operations. This experience includes overseeing operations and developing processes for educational quality assurance, streamlined operations, and differentiated strategies for educational business growth.

Gamut provides hands-on, flexible, and quality solutions around key areas of research, design, and implementation of school start-ups and development. Gamut was founded in 2016 in Brazil by passionate international educators. We have worked throughout North and  Latin America with extensive experience in Mexico, Brazil, and Ecuador. Our aim is to accompany our clients along their initial design and organizational growth journeys becoming partners to ensure success.

Our expertise includes contextual strategy development aligned with the strategic vision of the investors, country and region specifics, custom-designed initiatives that are highly sensitive to the Latin American context, and the exploration and identification of investor-friendly opportunities.

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