The Gamut Education Design team approaches the task wearing many hats: those of educational engineer, designer and researcher. They understand and recognize that schools need to be user centered. School leaders and teachers need to be well versed in best practices but at the same time need to be audacious as well and experiment with new solutions. Questions are at the heart of any change process and “What if” …. is a conjecture that should always be considered.Ambiguity is embraced. Action is the norm. It is understood that this process can be messy, experimental and that growth mindset is needed to uphold the quest for a unique solution for each client.

Design Challenge:

How can a growth-oriented private school develop an operating model that capitalize on advances in teaching and learning to expand capacity to serve and graduate more students with the necessary skills to succeed in the 21st century and beyond?

Gamut offers a full service model that helps clients create a school from scratch. We walk clients through the whole process and give support all aspects of school design.

– Long term approach and focus on education
– Help analyzing quality Real estate options
– Help with regulatory authorities
– Capital management
– Support with and ability to recruit quality local teachers