We live in a globalized world and as our world shrinks the complexities increase. Human interaction is not easy and if we want children to have empathy for one another, exhibit tolerance for those that are different, and act in ways that contribute to building community, character development needs to be addressed. If you want students to embrace a meaningful life, their moral and social upbringing cannot  be left to chance.  Schools that intentionally address issues of character and try to instill core virtues like wisdom and knowledge, courage, love, humility, justice, and spirituality contribute to the overall well-being of individuals and help nurture productive community members.   

How does one go about this endeavour? GAMUT offers tailor-made resources to help educators advance comprehensive moral and social eduction in schools.  We draw upon resources designed by eminent psychologists such as Howard Gardner, Martin Seligman, and Richard Weissbourd from fields like human development and psychology, positive psychology and cognitive psychology.  The aim is to help schools effectively address the development of the whole child, not just academic achievement.