In The News…..

EAV’s New Campus Inauguration!

Gamut Education has designed a contemporary and innovative school. It has features like the Maker Space and Learning Commons that enables interdisciplinary project based learning. Classes are structured in such a way as to allow teachers and students to engage in collaborative and applied learning. Systems of social and emotional support are valued and have been implemented. All this promotes deeper learning and allows students to excel academically and in non cognitive domains. Come to the open house on Oct 8th to learn more about the academic programming. Hope to see you there! 

Retooling School

Andrea Buffara, Chief Operations Officer of Gamut Education, recently published her thoughts on school start-ups, creating a long distance working partnership and the non-negotiables of student well being. Ms. Buffara mentions the essential importance of working holistically with young children and caring for the cognitive, social emotional as well as nutritional needs. This is especially necessary as young children are spending more and more time in school settings. Buffara also talks about being a digital migrant, but  demonstrates her ability to navigate electronic tools to manage from a distance a business as well as providing accountability for quality operations Gamut Education works with school start-ups and investors interested in the education services business sector.

Becoming Future Ready…..

Andrew Sherman traveled to EAV this week and delivered a presentation to current EAV parents and prospective families on changes in the international education landscape and how to undertake a competency based approach where young people learn skills applicable to diverse academic situations as preparation to be “future ready.” The American School of Vitória is a leader in providing educational experiences embedded with these critical thinking and creative problem solving competencies. He visited classrooms and spoke to teachers, as well.

Andrew Sherman appointed to Mage Advisory Council

Congratulations to Andrew Sherman! He was unanimously elected to the Midwest Academy Professional Advisory Council (MAGE). The Midwest Academy for Gifted Education Professional Advisory Council is organized to guide and inform the organizational policy, curriculum and programming. Advisory Council members choose to sit on the committees that best align with their personal and professional interests. The members are talented educators, health professionals, academics, and leaders in STEAM fields. For further information on gifted education see

Mastering Automotive Engineering Course at Oxford Royale


Brand new for 2019, ORA’s Mastering Automotive Engineering course offers a unique opportunity for a small group of keen engineers to spend their summer in the heart of the UK’s Motorsport Valley®. Working on practical and academic aspects of Automotive Engineering, the course will culminate in the completion and testing of a self-assembly Caterham Car.