What is PBL?  PBL is a methodology whereby students acquire knowledge  and skills by engaging in projects designed around authentic, engaging, complex questions, problems or challenges. 

Why PBL? Our world has evolved into a complex, globalized, networked society.Topics should be lifeworthy. Thus, a school’s curriculum and the way students engage in learning should reflect that. There is currently a relevance gap in education and schools need to design projects around issues that speak to children and that have a real world application. The real world is not designed in clear cut disciplines thus projects should be interdisciplinary in nature allowing students to capture the nuances of life, tackle ambiguity, and reflect the complexity of the world we live in.  Deeper learning competencies are essential for living and learning in the 21st century.  Students need to know how to work collaboratively and communicate effectively, develop academic mindsets, master content knowledge,  problem solve, think critically and creatively and know how to manage their own learning.  PBL is a vehicle to achieve this.

Gamut can help jump start PBL at your school. We can assist teachers in mastering a productive teaching-learning process that is generative in nature.  As what is relevant changes, projects can also be quickly adjusted. This way schools can retain their competitive edge and remain current and up to date in their content and delivery.