Why Gamut?

  • We understand the competencies needed for creating effective teaching and learning experiences.
  • We can help you expand the horizons of your current educational programs, services and systems.
  • We can help ensure that the education you provide students is relevant.

Gamut Education is dedicated to creating positive and productive student-centered learning outcomes in early childhood to high school educational services.

GAMUT  is a partnership between experienced professionals with extensive experience in contemporary education practices, creation of alternative learning spaces,  and American Schools in international settings.

Our consulting initiatives support learning, student achievement, academic performance, institutional accomplishments and individualized learning experiences. Our learner-centered approaches and results-oriented methodologies address critical questions and produce positive results in individual learning situations, quality of educational programs and organizational improvement efforts.

Support services are designed to identify desired outcomes, enhance the ability to achieve defined goals and ensure adoption of practices to increase academic opportunities. Our methods are research-based and aligned with contemporary practices to improve the efficacy and productivity of individual efforts and comprehensive educational programs.

gam·ut \ˈga-mət\
Simple Definition of gamut : a range or series of related things.

Educational Services

Purposeinspire the consideration of unique structures, formats and practices in education.

Directioncreate, nurture and develop practices and products  to  promote  a student centered learning network of educational services and facilities.

Current Projects


We believe in innovation as a way to focus change efforts in student school experiences. The world is changing at a rapid pace and we need to be leaders in these change processes. If schools, as we currently construct and define them, are to survive they need to urgently alter the way learning is delivered and the spaces where this learning take place. There are two questions that we are consistently asking. What outcomes do we want for students? What path will we develop to try and get there?

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School Start Up

Gamut Education believes that the best way to create a school in today’s world is to begin without preconceived ideas and to apply a design thinking framework to the process. In that way the end product will be a creation that meets the needs of today’s child and is flexible enough to evolve with the changing times.

The first big idea grappled with should be…. If something was designed with no constraints, what would that look like? Gamut believes that this moonshot in education would be a school that can adapt and respond to a world that is volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous (VUCA). A school that is in perpetual motion.

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School Ownership

Research based quality educational practices should be at the core of the defined purpose, improvement direction, academic programming, facilities development and communication networks established for guiding an effective school organization and maximizing student academic performance.

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Micro-Schools Partnership

What we want for students is what Michael Barber has conveniently put into a formula: Well-educated = Ethical and educated (Knowledge+Thinking+Leadership) or E(K+T+L) The ability to dig deep and find relevance and meaning in a world inundated with so much information is a key skill to be nurtured and developed.

How do we get there? There are forces that we believe are important to look at in helping your school undergo whole systems reform. These are: technology, pedagogy, and change knowledge (how we learn and ensure on-going engagement) The integration of these forces is what drives change.

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