Why Gamut?

Why Gamut?

gam·ut \ˈga-mət\
Simple Definition of gamut : a range or series of related things.

Gamut Education LLC  is a boutique educational investment and advisory firm that provides strategic support for the creation and development of learning organizations in the emerging economies of Latin America. Gamut provides investment and advisory services in education, new institution development, operational optimization, capital raising, market studies, and merger and acquisitions of start-ups and small-cap schools. Advisors at  Gamut have more than 25  years of experience in school creation, development, and start-up financial strategy. Our expertise in education covers initial school structures and financial exercises to support solid operations and consolidated system-wide processes to promote sustainable long-term growth.

What we do:

  • We work to form educational partnerships that enhance the quality and access to educational services. 
  • We source assets to create lean, agile, and profitable high-quality schools  
  • We design and evaluate growth strategies through finance, organizational and operational support including models for school start-ups and entry strategies for the Latin American market.
  •  We search for collaborative ventures with developers, educators, and investment groups to identify market opportunities

We have taken on the roles of  Founders, Owners, Investors, and Advisors in the following  projects:

2023 Kidsway Learning Studio. Mexico City, Mexico

2022  K-School Primaria. Quito, Ecuador

2017  Escola Americana de Vitória. Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil. Shares were acquired by Apex Investment Group, a private equity firm in 2019. 

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