Gamut Education in excited to partner with CleverBooks whose goal is to equip children with 21st century skills through STEM and Curriculum-based Innovative Technology for Education.Gamut believes augmented reality can be a useful tool to support students’ individual learning styles as it has been shown to engage children both inside and outside the classroom ,  improve test-scores by up to 33% and increase retention rate by up to 100%. It also makes learning more engaging and fun.

CleverBooks provides STEM-certified EdTech resources that schools already use as a supplement to the curriculum for primary years, which bring subjects “to life“ by visualizing it in 3D with the use of Augmented Reality technology.   Recommended by for back to school 2018-2019 as one of the mainstream efficient trends to deliver information in the classroom.  Pilot it in your classroom to see the results!


To celebrate our partnership, we offer 15% discount on CleverBooks EdTech resources powered by Augmented Reality with the code ” Gamut18″.

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